A Joyful Christmas at Little Haven and Forest Oaks


Dear residents, relatives, staff and friends of The Wilverley Association,

Once again I would like to thank you all for your continued support of The Wilverley Association in what has been a really difficult year for us all.

We have always tried to ensure that we keep people safe whilst being mindful of wellbeing, a tricky balance I am sure you would agree. As we enter the third lockdown be assured we will do our best to keep in contact with you, although please be mindful that we have new requirements in place all the time, with the increased responsibilities of reporting, testing and managing visits.

Christmas, whilst not as it has been in recent years, was really joyful. Both homes had a very well attended carol concert. Forest Oaks had a dinner dance which was great fun with Alexa playing music from the 40s and 50s and a three course dining menu which was really popular. Little Haven staff rehearsed for weeks in order to put on a pantomime – Cinderella for the residents, it was a fantastic event, people joined in and everything went to plan (oh yes it did).


Once again I would like to appreciate our team, everyone has played their part. Without the good teams we have in place at our Hampshire care homes, things could have been so much more challenging.

Going forward into 2021 we look forward to people receiving the vaccine and returning to some degree of normality. Whilst we envisage the next few months being really tricky we will work hard to maintain morale and keep looking forward whilst maintaining a happy, safe home for our residents.

Happy New Year to you all

Best wishes